PD: Hanging from the gingham sky

The Facts Were These: A Pushing Daisies post

I made a Pushing Daisies mood theme for myself a few weeks ago and ended up being pretty happy with it, so I decided to go ahead and post it. I also wanted to make simple icons to go with it, so I'm posting them as well, along with a few In Plain Sight icons that didn't seem like enough for their own post. So the totals are:

1 - Pushing Daisies mood theme
52 - Pushing Daisies icons
17 - In Plain Sight icons

Full Preview // Zip folder via Mediafire.

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Icon samples:

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- Credit either autumnjoy or windsong_icons if you decide to use the mood theme or the icons.
- Textless icons are not blanks; please do not edit.
- Comments would make my day, but more importantly, enjoy!
DW11: Amy: Oi! Churchill!

Doctor Who (5.03)

So, I've started a project with my dear friend jess_squirrel at bowtiesnbonnets - a cap-a-day picspam community, and these icons were made from the caps I made last month when Doctor Who 5.03 was our theme. Ironically, 5.03 was the episode I was working on next for my series of Doctor Who icons, and I considered including the icons I had started for it months ago with this post, but I decided to wait since there were several other caps I wanted to use, though I don't know when I'll get to that. However, from now on, time permitting, you should expect to see at least one new icon post a month from me because I plan to make icons from my caps each month at bowtiesnbonnets. :)

-47 Doctor Who (5.03) icons
12. 24. 37.

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DW11: Doctor: Ponder (502)

Doctor Who (5.02)

As I'm hoping to succesfully particpate in NaNoWriMo this year, this probably will be my last icon set before December at the earliest. I'm hoping to get into iconing Merlin, so I'm not sure if my next set will be Merlin, Doctor Who, or something else entirely. ;) I made 70 icons, plus 4 extras that didn't make it as part of the "set" but I included incase someone wanted them. This isn't particularly one of my favorite episodes from this season, but the queen amuses me. :)

-74 icons: Doctor Who: The Beast Below (5.02)

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DW11: Bowties Are Cool

220 Doctor Who icons + 2 iPod Wallpapers: DW: The Elventh Hour

I've got a new iconing fandom! I've tried, I really have, to get into Doctor Who over the past 4 seasons, but it took Season 5 to get me into it. I don't know why I couldn't get into it before. I could appreciate it, and enjoy it, but it took this season for me to be captivated by it. I think a large part of it is Matt Smith's compassionate portrayal of The Doctor. The storylines were great too. You have to pay attention to every word, every detail.

I plan to do an icon post for each episode. I'll probably icon other things in between, because I have a lot of things I'd like to icon if I can get the screencaps to coopperate with me, but I'm really excited about this post because I did a lot more experimenting with different styles in it, even if I did end up with another mega icon post. Also, to my girls (you'll know who you are) I promise I'll try to make more Rory icons the next episode he's in. When I was all done I noticed a shocking lack of Rory icons. Special thanks to surrexi at how_iconic who inspired me to make the iPod wallpapers.

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Twilight: NM: E&B: Meadow

New Moon: Part 4 of 4

Well, here's the final part of my picspam icons pre-Eclipse release series.... a few of these icons are more experimental. Also, there are only 84 icons in this batch instead of the full 100 of previous sets. I don't know yet if I'll be watching Eclipse in the theater or waiting to watch it on DVD like I ended up doing with both Twilight and New Moon. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these.

304. 325. 362.

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