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You've found the icon/digital art journal of Autumnjoy and Chiffonwings. And we're glad that you did! Here you'll find icons, headers and other graphics featuring various fandoms, stock photography and other delightfully random (and some not so random) subjects. No posts in this community will be locked. You can either watch or join the community to keep track of our posts. 1. Credit the maker of the icon in your keywords if you decide to use one in your LJ.
2. Please comment if you decide to take an icon. Besides just being polite, this helps me know which ones you like.
3. Do not direct link. This should go without saying.
4. Ask before you display any of these icons elsewhere.
Pretty simple, right?
AKA autumnjoy.
American, twenty-something.
Internet junkie, Christian, introvert.
Tad bit obsessed with my TV fandoms.

Miss Chiffon:
AKA chiffonwings.
Lives in America, twenty-something.
Tries to keep up with too many projects.
The affliates post is HERE. If you have an icon/graphics journal and would like to be affiliated with Windsong Icons, please leave a comment.

For a list of screencap and brush resources, please see my resource post.

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Header and profile: Autumnjoy.